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Target Customer E-mail List And Sending Service

Target Customer E-mail List And Sending Service


For both sellers and buyers who are serious for online marketing, particularly good sellers and buyers, e-mail is considered as private personal property. So it has never been easy to get even a single target customer's email, not mention a million list. I have been in both SEO and e-marketing for 8 years and have developed a series of software, with combined use of which I can dig out exactly target customer email list in accordance with your niche buyers or your customer's request. For instance, you are running a website of binary option and want to many many buyers to rush to your website to sign up and buy your offers, I will run my private software(no a copy of sales) to get first a big list of your competitor’s website domain names, then I will use a number of very complex technologies including hacking to dig out a list of e-mail of signed up users of each website!


Direct Sales from E-mail

Direct Sales from E-mai

For which I guess I am the only guy on the gobble who can do so. So I provide this gig and I am certain this is the only service gig across the whole internet.

This project of mine is divided into two parts, one of which is to first exact customer e-mail list according to the customer's requests and then is to send to the list. As you might have known or know not both have never been easy because of restrict of US email act and technology as well. However any online marketer know email marketing has always been one of the major poaches besides search engine keyword ranking to absorb traffic and target customers.

target customer email list

Comparing the two ways, email marketing is a shorter cut that obtain sales for your products or services directly even if you don't have a website. If you want instant sales, nothing is better and more effective my gig Target Customer Email Sending. Building a website is easy, yet it has never been easy to rank even a single competitive keyword on Google by SEO, both time-consuming and money investment.

The common practice to get target email list is to set up a squeeze page(landing page) on which some freebie is offered to attract visitors who come and browse the page to fill in with their email, which is mostly ineffective because it has never been a chance to rank a keyword on Google as Google's algorithm has a rule that no a keyword can bee ranked for a single page website(squeeze page website, landing page website.) Unfortunately most of online marketers know not the truth and they finally come to failure after exhaustion of sweat, spirit, years of time and money investment.

I dig out target customer email using special application compiled by myself from your competitive websites' registered users ' email list in data base. So each one is highly targeted exactly customer you want. With the email list, you can send your offers manually 500 copies a day using Gmail BCC.

Don't be afraid of e-mail spam at all because what you will do is not spamming thoroughly and my offer is not spam totally in any condition. It is always my first consideration to follow by USA email act since I am a professional bulk email sending provider to run the business, In accordance with US code, bulk e-mail sending anonymously is regarded to e-mail spam law. So to avoid hitting the rules, in each email content, there must be sender's information such as website, url, domain name, contact e-mail, etc. Also at the end of e-mail content there is a statement for receiver to ask a removal from the list. Also in the front part of each email content there is a statement: "You received this e-mail because we found you might have been interested in this offer."

A common misunderstanding is that any bulk e-mail sending is of spamming, but that's not correct at all. Did you ever received an email from Obama Administration of the White House that were sent in million copies for the same content? Why it's not spam? In the content it has a website link clicking to the White House website.

A normal e-mail content can be pure text or html file including link or image. So you just send me your e-mail content after order placed and I will dig out target customer e-mail list and complete sending if you don't want to send manually by yourself using Gmail BCC.

Also I guarantee basic visitor(view) volume 1,000 for 100,000 list order, 5,000 visitors for 1 million list order and 10,000 visitors for 5 million list order.

You can browse your visitor volume in detail using the third part application(website), including ip, time and many other factors that are similar, even better than, Google Analytic. So just sit down in your armchair to see how your offers will be turned to banking number increasing when hundreds of exactly target customers rush to your sales page.

The rate is as follows:

100 Target Customer E-mail List for $5 Order Now
500 Target Customer E-mail List for $20 Order Now
1,000 Target Customer E-mail List for $35 Order Now
5,000 Target Customer E-mail List for $130 Order Now


10,000 Target Customer E-mail List for $190 Order Now
50,000 Target Customer E-mail List for $500 Order Now
100,000 Target Customer E-mail List for $600 Order Now
1 Million Target Customer E-mail List for $800 Order Now


5 Million Target Customer E-mail List for $1200 Order Now